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Asistenta alegere lubrifiant

MOTUL Inboard Tech 4T 15W50

MOTUL Inboard Tech 4T 15W50
Specificatii tehnice
Produs Pret
MOTUL Inboard Tech 4T 15W50 2 litri 75 RON
60 RON
+ Ecotaxa 0.66 RON
MOTUL Inboard Tech 4T 15W50 5 litri 170 RON
136 RON
+ Ecotaxa 1.64 RON

Technosynthese® lubricant for 4-Stroke Inboard engines Reinforced with synthetic base stock providing, outstanding resistance at high temperature, easier flowing at cold temperature and longer lubricant life time. Protects against corrosion due to moisture and salt, neutralises acid combustion residues from fuel, increases engine life time. Prevents emulsion with water. Reinforced in detergents and dispersants to warranty engine cleanliness and prevent from deposit build ups on pistons and into engine sump. SAE 50 grade at hot temperature for severe conditions and warm climates.

API Standards: API SH/SG/CD

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