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Asistenta alegere lubrifiant

MOTUL Garden 4T SAE 30

MOTUL Garden 4T SAE 30
Specificatii tehnice
Produs Pret
MOTUL Garden 4T SAE 30 1 litru 45 RON
37 RON
+ Ecotaxa 0.32 RON
MOTUL Garden 4T SAE 30 2 litri 79 RON
64 RON
+ Ecotaxa 0.66 RON

Mineral lubricant formulated for use in recent motorised garden tools and small farming machines. For gasoline and Diesel 4 Stroke engines, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, e.g.: lawn mowers, motor mowers, light tractors. Also suitable for hydraulic systems, torque convertors and transmissions when an engine oil is recommended by manufacturer.

API Standards: API SG/CD

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