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Asistenta alegere lubrifiant

MOTUL Tekma Norma+ 20W50

MOTUL Tekma Norma 20W50
Specificatii tehnice
Produs Pret
MOTUL Tekma Norma+ 20W50 5 litri 168 RON
135 RON
+ Ecotaxa 1.65 RON
MOTUL Tekma Norma+ 20W50 20 litri 640 RON
513 RON
+ Ecotaxa 6.6 RON
MOTUL Tekma Norma+ 20W50 60 litri 1855 RON
1484 RON
+ Ecotaxa 19.8 RON

Mineral lubricant for all Diesel engines (naturally aspirated or turbocharged). Ensures engine protection and life time owing to piston groove deposits reduction. High dispersant level to reduce soot build up and oil filter plugging risk. Minimises oil consumption. Also suitable for hydraulic systems, torque convertors and transmissions when an engine oil is recommended by manufacturer.

API Standards: API CF-4 / CF ; API CE/CD/SF
OEM Approvals : CCMC D-4 ; MB-Approval 228.1

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