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Asistenta alegere lubrifiant

MOTUL Tekma Optima 5W30

MOTUL Tekma Optima 5W30
Specificatii tehnice
Produs Pret
MOTUL Tekma Optima 5W30 5 litri 262 RON
209.6 RON
+ Ecotaxa 1.59 RON

100% Synthetic lubricant based on Ester-Technology. Specially designed for new generation, low emission Turbocharged Diesel engines (EURO II, EURO III), fitted with EGR and extended drain intervals. Light viscosity grade reduces fuel consumption up to 1.5% compare to grade 15W-40. Easy starts at cold temperature reduce wear at start up. High dispersant and anti-oxidation properties, outstanding anti-wear level and perfect detergency level ensures engine protection and longevity.

Application: Engine lubricants
Quality: 100% Synthetic
Product Range: Heavy trucks, Other vehicles
Viscosity: 5W30
ACEA Standards: ACEA E4 / E7
OEM Approvals : MB-Approval 228.5 ; RVI RXD ; DEUTZ DQC-IV ; CUMMINS 20071-72-76-77 ; DAF HP-1/HP-2 ; IVECO 18-1804 FE ; MAN M 3277; MACK EOM Plus ; MTU Type III ; SCANIA LDF ; VOLVO VDS-3

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