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Asistenta alegere lubrifiant

MOTUL Garden 2T Hi-Tech

MOTUL Garden 2T Hi Tech
Specificatii tehnice
Produs Pret
MOTUL Garden 2T Hi-Tech 100 ml 15 RON
12 RON
+ Ecotaxa 0.04 RON
MOTUL Garden 2T Hi-Tech 1 litru 46 RON
36.8 RON
+ Ecotaxa 0.32 RON

Technosynthese® lubricant for 2-Stroke chain saw, lawn mower, garden tool engines with premix or injector lube system. Synthetic base stocks minimise smoke and deposits. A special additive package avoids spark plug fouling, carbon deposit. Mixes instantaneously with gasoline and remains stable. Recommended for engines working under severe conditions. Red coloured.

API Standards: API TC
JASO Standards: JASO FC / FD
OEM Approvals: ISO-L-EGD

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